Due to society's increasing dependence on information and technology, demand for n-day and zero-day security exploits has reached unprecedented levels. But, their supply to a broader prospective market is being impeded by disincentives which hinder market participation of stakeholders with vested interests.

Consumers and producers of security exploits lack adequate pricing information to make informed purchasing and sales decisions. Security researchers are not optimally rewarded for discovering vulnerabilities and software vendors are not optimally rewarded for remediating vulnerabilities. Most importantly, stakeholders are not assured of their privacy and limitation of legal liability.

These factors have resulted in the materialization of a black market, where security exploits remain accessible only to privy market participants, such as criminal enterprises and state sponsored entities. Subsequently, the Internet is becoming an increasingly hostile landscape. Because security exploits and vulnerabilities remain undisclosed to the public, software vendors have little motivation or opportunity to remediate them.

Exploit Exchange seeks to correct these distortions by facilitating market participation through a behavioral incentive system. By coupling financial rewards with transparent pricing discovery, buyers and sellers can privately and securely exchange high-quality security exploits with assurance.

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